About Us

We're a team of Stanford and UC Berkeley alumni spilling the secrets of successful college application essays.

Essays are one of the least understood parts of the college application process by both students and parents alike. Few know the techniques behind successful essays, and students are forced to put their best guess on paper.

We believe that's unfair. We believe you should have the tools needed to brainstorm a strong draft, and you should have easy access to a professional consultant who can make your essay stand out.

You've worked hard as a student — you deserve to have a professional team at your disposal when you're writing the words to your dream school.

Our Use of AI

Most policies on AI in education are still developing and/or liable to change, due to the rapidly advancing nature of AI. We offer AI-assisted guidance in our online tools and we design our product conscientiously to avoid promoting plagiarism. We believe that AI will be adopted in education just as the Internet was — first, with some healthy fear and skepticism, but then with open arms as the technology becomes an irreplaceable part of our daily lives.